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Backline hire to capture "your sound"

Good backline equipment is essential to ensure you just the sound you’re looking that’s right for your music. Premium Sound and Light’s backline hire and drum kit hire service will provide the backline equipment you need to capture your authentic sound. We have a wide variety of guitar amps, bass amps and drum kits to suit all genres of music at affordable prices. For example:

Lead guitarDaily Price
Vox AC30 with 2 x 12” Cabinet£35-00
Peavey 2 x 12” Ultra Valve amp£35-00
Marshall VS100 Head and 4 x 12” Cab£30-00
Marshall Valvestate 2000 2 x 12” Combo£27-50
Peavey Bandit 1 x 12” Combo£20-00
Marshall 1960 4x 12” Cabinet£20-00
Marshall 2 x 12” Cabinet£15-00
Randall 4 x 12” Cabinet loaded with Celestion Greenback speakers£25-00
Randall RH50T All valve guitar head£20-00
Bass GuitarDaily Price
Hartke Vx2515 Bass combo£25-00
Hartke HA3000 Bass head £20-00
Hartke HA3500 Bass head £20-00
Hartke Hydrive HX410 Bass cab£20-00
Hartke Head and 4 x 10” Bass cab£35-00
Hartke VX810 Bass cab£30-00
Hartke VX810 cab with Hartke head£45-00
Hartke B600 Bass combo£20-00
DrumsDaily Price
Ddrum 5pc fusion drum kit with stands£60-00
Pearl Export 4pc Vintage drum kit with stands£45-00
Ludwig 5pc fusion Custom Elite drum kit with stands£55-00

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