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Sound system hire

Premium Sound and Light Oxford will supply you with a sound system hire ideally configured for your requirements. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, just give us a call and one of our knowledgeable technicians would be pleased to discuss your event and offer some practical, no-nonsense advice on sound system hire and pa hire. We’ll offer you a high end system for your event, whether it’s a festival, conference, wedding, dj or any private or commercial event and you can be assured that we’ll give you the full support required for your event.


We use only the best names in the industry supplying Yamaha, HK Audio, Midas, QSC, Sennheiser, Allen and Heath, Shure to name but a few. From a small pair of speakers for a small conference to our Fane Line Array system for a festival, you can be rest assured we’ll have the needs to cater for you!


We can provide full technical support for your event. We have the best sound, stage and lighting technicians onboard who are conscientious in their work. Not only do we supply equipment and technical support, we can also manage your event!

Whatever your budget, Premium sound and Light will offer you the best customer service, equipment and advise. From a xlr cable to a line array system look no further.  WE ALWAYS BEAT ANY GENUINE LIKE FOR LIKE QUOTATION!  We can put a package together for you from a stage, sound and lighting equipment and all AV solutions.


Also based in Oxfordshire we have good transport links to Buckinghamshire, London, Oxford, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Birmingham, Berkshire, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire




SpeakersDaily PriceWeekly Price
HK Audio Actor Speakers Full Range 400W Powered Speakers£60-00 pair£150-00 pair
HK Audio Actor 400W Powered Subs£60-00 pair£150-00 pair
HK Audio Actor 2400W Self-Powered System (2x Tops 4 Subs) £150-00 system£375-00 system
HK Audio Projector 3600W Self-Powered System (2x Tops 4 Subs) £200-00 system£450-00 system
QSC K12 Powered Speaker 1kW (FOH/MONS)£70-00 pair£175-00 pair
Yamaha DSR 1100 W Powered Speaker (FOH/MONS)£60-00 pair£150-00 pair
Mackie Thump 12a 1000 W Powered Speaker (FOH/MONS)£40-00 Pair£100-00 Pair
Proel Neos 12 400 W Passive (FOH/MONS)£50-00 Pair£100-00 Pair
MixersDaily PriceWeekly Price
Behringer X32 Digital Mixer£75-00 £165-00
Soundcraft GB4 32 £50-00£150-00
Peavey 32fx £50-00£100-00
Proel 6 Channel Desk With FX£20-00£50-00
Samson TMX16 1000W Powered Mixer£25-00£60-00
Proel M500 6 Channel 500W Powered Mixer£25-00£60-00
MicrophonesDaily PriceWeekly Price
Shure SM58£5-00£12-00
Shure SM57£5-00£12-00
Shure SM57 Beta£10-00£25-00
Audix i5£7-00£17-50
Audix Drum mic set£38-00£80-00
AKG D112£10-00£25-00
AKG C1000£7-00£17-50
AKG D5£5-00£12-00
Sennheiser e906£10-00£25-00
JTS Wireless Microphones£25-00£60-00

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