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Stage hire Oxford with top quality staging for all your events, large or small

Stage hire Oxford offers quality staging which contributes to the appearance of your event and importantly, to the safety and convenience of all participants. Premium Sound and Light has invested in a range of superior staging solutions to cater for all your stage hire requirements, large or small. We offer a national service to our stage service supplying to Oxford, London, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Berkshire, Kent, Hampshire, Northamptonshire, Birmingham, Surrey, Sussex and much more!

Our Milos Arc1 roof structure stage has been used for music festivals, religious functions, cultural events, Christmas light openings and outdoor theatre productions. With stage hire Oxford we have full public liability insurance £5,000,000 cover and carry full calculation of the stage. Upon request we can supply risk and method assessments.

Not only do we supply the best staging for small to medium events (5000 people) we also provide the best in ballasting the stage. We have invested in the Spirafix ground anchors, the most versatile anchoring system, designed for use in a wide variety of outdoor projects. This system can been seen at many of the major festival throughout the Uk and as extra security we offer this system to you.

We have a range of affordable and quick assembly Gazebo Stages that look great for smaller events starting from £395-00

3m x 3m Gazebo Stage including rails and stairs £395-00 weekend rate
4.5m x 3m Gazebo Stage including rails and stairs £450-00 weekend rate
6m x 3m Gazebo Stage including rails and stairs £500-00 Weekend rate
6m x 4m Gazebo Stage including rails and stairs £645-00 Weekend rate
8m x 6m Milos Arc1 Roof structure with decks POA Guaranteed Best Price
6m x 4m Truss Stage £1550-00 Weekly Rate
2m x 1m Prolyte / Stagedex Stage Platform £15-00 Weekly Rate
20cm Legs £0-30 Weekly Rate
30cm Legs £0-35 Weekly Rate
40cm Legs £0-45 Weekly Rate
60cm legs £0-60 Weekly Rate
100cm Legs £1-05 Weekly Rate
Screw Jacks Short £1-50 Weekly Rate
Screw Jack Long £2-00 Weekly Rate
1m Hand Rails £4-50 Weekly Rate
2m Hand Rails £9-00 Weekly Rate
40cm two tier steps £17-50 Weekly Rate
60cm to 100cm adjustable stairs with  handrails £30-00 Weekly Rate
80cm to 120cm adjustable stairs with handrails £40-00 Weekly Rate
3m x 3m Gazebo £75-00 Weekend Rate
3m x 4.5m Gazebo £90-00 Weekend Rate
3m x 6m Gazebo £120-00 Weekend Rate
3m x 6m Gazebo £140-00 Weekend Rate

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